A legend says: After God has created Earth, he had some more stones left. He threw them into the middle of the western Mediterranean sea and to fix them he stepped with his huge foot on it. But as he was not yet all happy with its masterpiece, he took with his own sense of harmony, from every country, which he created before a little piece. In that way he put impressive mountains next to lovely vineyards, wind disheveled pine trees next to palm trees and flowering oleander bushes, white shimmering sandy beaches at the coast of an emerald green, crystal clear sea, uncountable animals and mankind. All of that he arranged carefully to its last masterpiece: a little copy of all the continents: SARDINIA A continent, which invites you to be discovered. The island is bigger than one might think and totally untouched by mass tourism. Its impressive variety of landscapes and the breath taking scenario with man traditions, which have survived here longer than elsewhere, you will discover each time something new. A Sardinia trip in that sense is somehow never over.





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