A bridge between Europe and Africa- that´s Sicily, the biggest and most varied island of the Mediterranean Sea. Nature and Art have joined to create a masterpiece here and thus it is easy to sing praises to the beauty of nature with its precipitous coasts, romantic bays, cliffs and reefs, the lush vegetation, the rich cultural heritage of the Greeks, Romans and Arabs, as well as to the lovely and hospitable population. The first time you encounter Sicily you will discover that this island and its inhabitants are different to the rest of Italy, first and foremost fuller of color and taste characterized by the influence of Arabic customs and gastronomy. Known as the "Isola del Sole", Sicily is currently especially popular among international holiday guests. They are attracted by the guaranteed sunshine- from spring until autumn- and the long beaches. The traces of the historical conquerors – the artistic monuments, the antique temples, the Greek and Roman Theatres, the architecture , the churches and the monasteries - offer to the guest a variety of sightseeing spots and accomplish the leisure time value of this island, which is watched over by the huge still active volcano Mt. Etna. Its coast and the neighbour islands are one of the best, if not even the best underwater paradise of Europe. The gastronomy of the island is a kaleidoscope of European, African and Arabic tastes. Therefore Sicily is a destination to mix of adventure with relaxation, a holiday island you will never forget.





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